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Incorporated in August 1965, Apo Chemical and Manufacturing Corporation is the nation's pioneer producer of PVC foam leather products and zig-zag springs. Its founding by the late M. P. Cheng, a medical doctor, and P. S. K. Po, an engineer, both respected proponents of PVC technology in the Philippines, was preceded by the establishment of the parent company, Coating Industries of the Phils., Inc., the leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic coated fabrics and rigid polyurethane foam insulation materials. Using only high-grade raw materials from Europe, the U.S., and Japan, as well as locally sourced quality inputs, Apo Chemical continues to produce superior PVC leather for the Philippine car assembly, furniture, bag-making, and shoe-making industries. The company, despite its size in terms of capitalization, sales volume, and organizational structure, remains a leading force in the industry which it started.



  100% Filipino owned
  More than 9,000 square meters of manufacturing site
  Full process PVC Coated Fabrics and semi processed
  PVC Film and Sheet
  Accredited by major automotive assemblers
  MEMBERSHIP: Motors Vehicle Parts Manufacturers'
  Association of the Philippines, Incorporated.

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